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RF4 7050TVW



RF7050TVW 7-50X 360-degree swiveling   Double Boom Trinocular Microscope with Adjustable 10X/22MM eyepieces   

This is a Trinocular 7-50X Continuous zoom microscope that gives clear sharp images. It comes with a Trinocular head with 30mm super widefield, high-eyepoint 10X eyepieces and a double-arm heavy-duty boom stand.

The 45 degree inclined binocular and high-eyepoint design ensures an easy observation, especially for eyeglass wearers. The rubber eye-guards provide further comfort. The double-arm boom stand allows you to turn the microscope head around three different axes (x, y, and z), allowing you to point the microscope head toward to any direction.

This microscope offers high resolution, super widefield of view.It is an ideal instrument for research labs, gemologists, engravers, collectors and anyone in semiconductor and/or electronic industry.

Magnification:continuous zoom 7X to 50X                                   

Head: 45-degree inclined 360-degree swiveling trinocular

Eyepiece: WF10X/22MM Barlow Lens: 0.5X & 0.7&2.0X(optional)

Objective: 0.7-5.0X Camera connector:1/2ctv Monitor and eyepiece. Synchronous zoom

Camera:Different models optional

Boom Stand: 51cm double-arm (overall length: 76cm)

41cm high pillar, 200mm*245mm solid cast steel base

Accessories: 144 adjustable led light & dust proof   Lens


Product Description


Microscopic structure

1 Eyepiece Shield

2   Eyepieces

3 Zoom Control Knob

4 Objective lens

5 Retaining screw

6 Base

7 Round Column

8.Double arm

9.Steering adjusting screw


b5.jpg             b6.jpeg



Different eyepieces match different magnifications of the same objective lens


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