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Multi-function Multimeter Resistance Test D/ACV D/ACA   Backlight Manual Function Auto Off Frequency Multimeter

301B is a true RMS automatic scanning digital meter. There is no need to turn the dial to select functions. According to the input voltage/current/resistance/current difference, the meter will automatically identify and measure.The meter is powered by 3.2V/5000mA lithium battery. The meter uses a large LCD display and a boost power supply. Even at the edge of the 2.3V low battery, the backlight and the ultra-high brightness of the flashlight can be guaranteed.The backlight can be long bright or automatically turn off after 15 seconds.This series of meters can automatically identify DC voltage and AC voltage, AC/DC current 10A, resistance, without any switching, but also can be manually switched to measure capacitance, on-off test, and other parameters, is a superior tool meter, is the ideal tool for laboratories, factories, radio enthusiasts and families.
1.Automatic recognition of gear, convenient and efficient
2.Automatic shift long life, no burning circuit board
3.Accurate reading
4.With NCV electric field induction
5.Anti-earthquake and anti-fall
6.LED crystal screen
7.Rubber protective sleeve
8.The operation is simple

9. Large 2.2-inch digital display screen


3.Operation Panel Instructions
1. Product model label bit;
2. LED panel
3.Hold is the data HOLD key. Long press it for 2 seconds to light up the backlight of the display.
4.AC/DC millivolt voltage button;
4-1 .Press the button again to select temperature/frequency range (Type *C *function)
5.Switch button, long press it for 2 seconds to shut it off under the power-on state;
6.NCV measurement key, NCV key can measure electric field induction signal, long press replaced with flashlight function;
7.Diode/on-off test function key set;
7-1.Press the button again to select the capacitor (*B / C type function);
8.10A current input port;
9.COM input terminal;Negative input end, insert black pen;
10.Voltage, resistance, capacitance, on-off test input port
11.NCV test end;
13-1.Charging port (USB2.0 interface) (*B/C function)
13-2.LED indicator (*B/C type function)
13-3.Discharge port (micro-USB interface) (* Type C function)


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