Product Detail



        312H Rework Station




1. Air gun

2. Air gun temperature display

3. Power switch

4. Air gun heating indicator

5. Temperature control knob

6. Air volume adjusting knob

7. Air pump working indicator

1、Technical Specifications

1) Category: LED microcomputer digital display

2) Power consumption: 650 w

3) Type pump stream:Air pump

4) Gas flow rate: 24 litres/minute

5) Temperature control range: 100 ° C - 450 ° C

6) Display form: LED digital (resolution 1 ° C)

7) Handle component length: 120 cm

8) Host size: 180*105*168mm

9) Host shell material: Metal

10) Weight: 2.1kg

11) Noise: less than 45 db

12) Power cord length:   1.3m

      13)Temperature/wind regulation:knob/knob



1. Safe solder QFP, PLCC, BGA and other temperature-sensitive components.

2. Adjust the air flow and temperature control rotation.

3. Would replace the part if the resistance value is incorrect.

4. When the temperature is less than 80°C, can stop rotation automatically.

5. Intelligent detection and cool airflow features.

6.High-quality silicone body heat good for extend life and save power.

7. Comfortable portable handheld and the Digital LED display.

3、Operating Instructions:

1.The rework station is laid out, hold the handle in the handle holder.

2.Connect the power.
3.The apparatus required air nozzle (to make use of large diameter nozzle).

4.Turn on the power switch, the display window shows "one hundred and eleven", then rework station is on standby.

5.Turn the temperature control knob to set the operating temperature.
6. Pick up the handle rework station, rework station normal heating operation. Adjust the air volume air volume knob to the right, to be able to normal operating temperature is stable.

7. The work is completed, the handle must be placed in the handle holder, then rework station automatically cut off the heating current, sending cold air into the cooling mode the heating element when the temperature is lower than l00 rework station displays "one hundred and eleven" means that the machine is about enters the standby state, when the heating temperature of lower than 70 the machine into standby mode (when there is intermittent breeze sent, indicating high fever temperature over 70 , only the temperature lower than 70 , the real air will stop working )

8.long-term operation, should turn off the power switch.


1.Hot air rework station outlet and the surrounding may have extremely high temperatures, care should be taken to guard against burns.

2.The heating handle must be placed in the handle holder, must not be placed in the working table or elsewhere.

3.Please keep the outlet open, can not have obstruction.

4.After the work is completed, it must be placed in the handle grip heating rack, let the machine automatically cooled to below 70 (into standby) to turn off the power switch.

5.The use of the air and the object of the minimum distance is 2 mm to the outlet calculations.

6. According to the work requirement, first with a suitable wind Tsui, a different wind Tsui, the temperature may be slightly different.

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