Product Detail

S180 (Stop production)


S180 Digital Microscope

Structure(check below view)

1、SD Card slot SD

2、Touch key

3、Power Switch Button

4、Zoom Lens


6、auxiliary Objective


8、Round Column

9、Dimming Knob

10、Up/Down Knob

11、Focus Knob

1、Parameters 技术参数

2、Keys Description of Touch Key

                      In the mode of BROWSE: Scale sensitometry +; In the mode of MENU and PLAYBACK:Up;

                      In the mode of BROWSE: Scale sensitometry -; In the mode of MENU and PLAYBACK:Down;

                        In the mode of BROWSE: Scale mode switch ; In the mode of MENU and PLAYBACK:Left;

                         In the mode of BROWSE: Scale color switch ; In the mode of MENU and PLAYBACK:Right;

                          In the mode of BROWSE: Short press to switch modes(BROWSE\ MENU\ PLAYBACK)

                        In the mode of BROWSE: photo, video; In the mode of MENU and PLAYBACK: OK/Long press to OFF 。

3、Power Supply and other accessories

12V Power Supply                                                                       Side LED lights



4、Safety Precautions

4.1 Do not place heavy objects on the base to prevent the base deformation.

4.2Do not attempt to disassemble this product yourself. Opening the covers may expose you to dangerous voltage points or other risks.

4.3If the LCD Screen is dirty, please use a kens brush on soft cloth to wipe clean.   Avoid touching them with your fingers.

4.4Using or storing microscope , do not plug in any other cables.

4.5When hands are wet, do not plug in or remove the adaptor or other connectors.

4.6Do not clean the products with ethyl alcohol or other organic.

4.7If liquid has entered stage, immediately turn the power off and use dryer neither. Please send to the maintenance center.

4.8To avoid electric shock. When remove microscope,please pull out the power source.

4.9Temperature: O°C ~ 45°C and Humidity: 35%~75%.

5、Difficulty Resolution

6、Safety warnings and precautions

6.1Overweight objects shall not be placed on the object platform to prevent deformation of the object platform.

6.2It should not be used in the presence of a mixture of flammable anesthetic gas and air or a mixture of nitrous oxide

6.3When the instrument is not in use, dust cover should be added and power supply should be cut off

6.4Do not plug in or unplug the power adapter and other connectors when the hands are wet.

6.5In order to avoid accidents caused by electric shock, please pull out the power supply of the product when moving.

6.6After use, be sure to put the microscope back into the box

7、Transportation and storage

7.1The instrument shall be transported in a covered transport vehicle, and violent vibration and collision shall be prevented during transportation.

7.2The instrument should be stored in a sheltered place without acid gas, alkali, organic solvents and other harmful substances;The ambient temperature is 0℃ ~ 45℃, the relative humidity is %30 ~ 75%, and the atmospheric pressure range is 500hPa ~ 1060hPa.

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