Product Detail



936b Soldering Station


1.Temperature control knob

2.Indicator light

3.Handle interface

4.Calibration hole


6.Soldering iron stand

7.Cleaning sponge

8.Soldering iron handle

9.Soldering iron tip

   10.The plug

The soldering station handle

Number of handle holes:Three holes

Soldering iron heater:Two pins


Lightweight handle handle with lightweight grip, no fatique when used for a long time

Handle base

Material :Phenolic resin material

Cleaning cotton:Activated carbon cleaning cotton


Anti-scaldinq, anti-static, stable socket base

Technical Specifications

Power Consumption: 65W

Input Voltage: 220V

Output Voltage: 24V

Temperature Range: 200°c~480°c

Temperature Stability:±5°c

Temperature Accuracy:10°c

Tip to Ground Impedance: <2Ω

Tip to Ground Voltage: <2mV

Setting Mode: knob setting temperature

Temperature-correcting Mode: Analogue Calibration

Heating Core: Two-core Ceramic Heating Core

Physical Dimension of Principal Machine:


Standard tip: 900M-T-SI

Weight: Ca. 1.65Kg

Machine table parameters

Model型 号


Power功 率



Dial display


Soldering iron heater


Two pin


temperature range



soldering station handle


Three holes Soldering iron


The handle length



Tip model



Welding tip/heating core


separated type






重 量



Increase copper aluminum

Large size transformer, copper-alumin um hybrid, made of silicon steel sheet, faster heat dissipation

SMD motherboard SMD

Double-sided high-quality motherboard, SMD components, effective temperature control.

use switch

If there is a dangerous situation such as leakage or open circuit, the power will be automatically cut off

to prevent the burning of the components and effectively ensure the safety of the product.

Plugable heaing lelment

Plug-in design, easy to replace, PTO material heating elementheats up quickly.

Anti-burning Silicone wire   

Silicone wire can effectively prevent urning and scalding, and is safer.

Anti-static soldering iron stand

Phenolic resin material anti-scaldinq, anti-static, stable socket.

Activated carbon cleaning cotton

Effectively remove the oxide of the soldering iron tip and increase the service life of the soldering iron tip.

Anti-slip foot pad

The four-corner rubber feet can effectively fix the bracket and prevent slippage.

Use Guide

1. Operating Instructions

200 temperature control knob to the position

Connect the iron and console

Connect the power

turn on the switch , the power indicator LED that lights up

temperature control knob to the suitable temperature location

proper temperature

Too low temperatures will slow the flow of solder , solder temperature flux will turn white thick charred and dry ,resulting in Weld or

burn circuit boards. When the tip temperature in accordance with the needs of the welding point is set correctly , a good solder joint

can be confident . Solder alloy commonly used in the electronics industry is 60% tin and 40 % lead ( 60 /40 ) .

Suitable for soldering iron tip temperature according to different manufacturers vary-Note: The general use should not exceed 380 .

If you need to use a higher temperature , short time is allowed to use .

2 .non-stick tin tip reasons

tip temperature exceeds 400

to be used in the soldering tip surface did not give proper plus tin.

lack of flux in welding, soldering , repair, welding and other operations .

Wipe the tip on the sulfur content or dry sponge and a rag

exposure to organic materials such as plastic , silicon ( Si ) quality grease and other chemicals

Use impure and low tin content solder

3.Replacement and handling tip

Replacement and handling tip

Unscrew sleeve tip can remove replaced. Be sure to turn off the power supply temperature control units and allow the tip to cool down before

removing the tip, remove the oxide dust formed in the sleeve fixed premises . Care must be taken to avoid this dust into the eyes. Replace the

tip and the normal hand strength to lock the sleeve .

When replacing the new iron core , iron core should be extended stainless steel pipe 23mm, then tighten the mounting screws in the handle iron core.

Note: You must be careful not to over tighten , otherwise it will damage the heating element .

4.General clean up

iron grip or temperature control units with a cloth moistened with a small amount of housing can be liquid detergent to clean .

Do not immerse the fluid temperature control units , or allow liquid to flow into the housing .

Do not use any solvents to clean the shell .

5.The new tip

When any time using the new tip, please follow these steps will make life considerably lengthened tip .

the low temperature setting control knob to the position . Turn the power "switch ."

heating arrive after 200 , the surface of the tip soldering flux containing tin wire added .

After heating at 200 continued for five minutes , and then transferred to the appropriate temperature setting controls the temperature position.

After reach the appropriate temperature , to get started.

Note: Any time using the new tip every day the best tip can remove foreign objects and clean interior !

6.Proper use of the soldering iron

soldering iron grip : A. Low iron : like holding a pen to write . B. High temperature soldering : finger down grip .

Tip the ideal angle for PCB : 45 .

Tip need to be kept clean .

When using a soldering iron touch the heating element is strictly prohibited .

When using non- violent use of iron ( example: hitting a hard object with tip ) .

7.Maintenance Tip

In order to ensure good function allows normal operation temperature soldering iron , please note the following recommendations. ( If there are certain sets

of iron or temperature factors function does not work correctly , please contact the nearest service support services at ) . Tip supplied are all alloy head , if

used properly, will have a longer life.

Before the shutdown must be disabled at the tip soldering surface plus the appropriate amount of tin, just before welding smear .

Do not allow the tip long stay in the high temperature , easy to make the tip surface plating layer cracking.

When soldering iron tip should not be too much pressure to the friction pads , this process does not change the thermal performance, but will make the tip damage.

Do not use absolute tip cleanup materials or rough rasp .

If the surface is nonstick tin oxide , can be used as needed carefully rubbing with emery cloth or ethyl alcohol solution to clean up equal , heated to 200 immediately .   

Do not use excessive chlorine or acid flux . Use of a synthetic resin or only flux activated resin .

Note : Every 24 hours or at least once a week , remove the tip to clean and remove foreign objects inside the sleeve .

8.Security Code

When the power is turned on , the tip temperature is hot. Given the abuse may cause burns or fires , strictly observe the following:

Do not touch the metal parts near the tip .

Do not use near flammable objects tip .

Notify other personnel workshop , the tip burns easily , may lead to dangerous accidents, should be completed after the break , or turn off the power .

When replacing parts or devices tip , you should turn off the power , and until the tip is cooled to room temperature.

To avoid damage to the welding station and safe working environment , shall comply with the following:

This product uses three-wire grounding plug must be inserted into the three-hole grounded outlet . Do not change the plug or use an ungrounded three

adapters leaving poorly grounded .

For an extension cord , use a grounded three -wire power cord.

Do not use the soldering iron tip to work outside .

Do not knock the table in order to remove residual iron , a move that could seriously damage the earthquake iron .

Do not tamper with welding units .

Do not wet welding sets , or wet hands when using the welding station .

welding will smoke , workshops should be well ventilated.

without any physical injury or damage may be frivolous objects when using the soldering station .

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