Product Detail



Heat gun 833C




1.Stainless steel cartridge

welding nozzles

2.High temperature

resistant protection

3.Dustproof air inlet heat sink

4.Temperature and air

speed position switch

5.Power cord


Heat Gun Core


- Overheating protection.

- Excellent heat resistance heating coil, could heating faster and have a longer life.

Material: Nichrome


Nozzle (need to buy extra)

Deflector nozzle

Wider distribution of the hot air, for working on large serfaces-floors. doors , paint drying, paint stripping, car wrapping etc.

Concentrator Nozzles

Used for precise operations, for concentrating the air onto a smaller surface area, such as wrap a gift basket, loosen the screws, sticker removal repair the car bumpers and etc.

     1.Product specifications:

Not display             

Temperature range: 60°C-600°C               

Power: 1800W             

Air flow: 60-600L/min

Power supply type: AC power             

Rated voltage: 220V                 

Operating current:7.5A

.Weight: 600g


      2.Applications :

Greatly used in various fields such as smartphone repair, car maintenance, shrink film shrinking work, PVC work, Stripping work, heat treatment processing, thawing, drying, and painting.


(1)Two gears adjustable temperature

Temperature range:



(2) High quality heating wire for fast heating up

(3) Securitylevel national standard two pin plug

The country is mandatory 3C certification, extra thick and 1.5m longThe comfortable soft glue power line is sufficient to use the distance Through more than 10,000 attempts by the manufacturer,Strictly ensure that each powen line reaches the safety level.

(4) Pure copper two-speed switch

Manufacturers of laboratory theory test life of up to 100,000 times more than ordinary shrapnel switch durable up to 10 times.Pure copperPush switch, The use of pure copper depression toggle switch effectively prevent the misuse

(5) Power output is stable, fast speed, suitable for long time operation, to prevent overheating burned.

(6) Can be applied in soldering, welding PVC, shaping, drying, shrink-fitting, stripping paint, etc.

4. How to use and work:

Temperature adjustment: You can adjust the blowing temperature by controling the Temperature and air speed position switch. Depending on the application, Sliding the Induction pulley temperature control to adjust the temperature.

How to work ⇒ Stripping of paint: Use the tip nozzle (round nozzle or flat nozzle) to soften the paint with hot air

Remove it and scrape it off with the scraper.

Work method ⇒ Heat wrapping: Heat shrink wrapping and tube heat wrapping using the tip nozzle (flat nozzle).

Work method ⇒ Molding of resin pipe: Use the tip nozzle (curved surface nozzle) to uniformly warm the periphery of the resin pipe.

Work method ⇒ Peel off window frame putty: Use the tip nozzle (glass protection nozzle) to soften the putty with hot air.

Remove the putty with the scraper.


1. Do not touch the nozzle

2. Keep away from children

3. Do not use for hair dryer

4. Do not direct the heat toward human or animal   

5. Do not use it in wet condition

6. Focus when working

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