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313H Rework Station




       1. Air gun                   

2. Air gun bracket

3. LED digital display

4. Work channel CH1 button

5. Work channel CH2 button

6. Work channel CH3 button

7. Temperature button

8. Air gun Power socket

9. Temperature control knob

10. Power Plug

1、Technical Specifications

1) Category: LED microcomputer digital display

2) Power consumption: 700 w

3) Airflow type: brushless fan soft wind

4) Gas flow rate: 24 litres/minute

5) Temperature control range: 100 ° C - 500 ° C

6) Display form: LED digital (resolution 1 ° C)

7) Handle component length: 120 cm

8) Host size: 180*105*168mm

9) Host shell material: Metal

10) Weight: 2.1kg

11) Noise: less than 45 db

12) Handle line length:   1.0m

13) Power cord length:   1.3m


1. The sensor closes the loop, the microcomputer triggers the temperature control by zero crossing, the liquid crystal displays the temperâture and the air volume data, the power is strong, the temperature rises quickly, the mperature is accurate and stable, and it is not affected by the air volume.

2. The air flow is adjustable, the air volume is strong and the air output is soft, the temper ature is convenient to adjust, and it can be adapted to various purposes

3. The handle is equipped with an induction switch. As long as you hold the handle, the system can quickly enter the working mode; put the handle back to the handle holder, and the system will enter the standby state, which is convenient for real-time operation and saves power.

4. The system is equipped with an automatic cold air delay function, which can extend the life of the heater and protect the hot air gun.

5. The alloy shell is adopted, the body is small, dur able, beautiful, and saves working space.

6. The original imported brushless fan has a long life and low noise; the use of high-quality heaters can double the efficiency under the same power of the machine, which can effectively extend the working life of the heater and save power.

3、Mechanical Description

1) Temperature digital

Display real-time temperature and set air volume CH1/CH2/CH3 are preset three channels, you can modify the temperature and air volume.

2) Multi-function button

The host has the function of preset three temperature channels, which can set different parameters. It is more convenient to modify the parameters under channel CH1/CH2/CH3.Long press CH1/CH2/CH3 to save, and long press CHI and CH2 to turn on or Turn off voice prompts.

3) Parameter adjustment

The jog dial is for air volume adjustment, the level up and down keys are for temperature adjustment.

4) Host switch

The front panel of the host has a switch design, which makes it more convenient to cut off the power without frequently cutting off the power.

5) Handle design

Built-in vortex fan in the handle, good wind effect.

The handle is non-slip design, comfortable to hold, and the screw needs to be removed to replace the heating element,fanBuilt-in vortex fan, high wind efficiency, rotating wind designStainless steel shell heating element, resistance to drop.

6) Whirling wind

The wind blown by the fan in the handle passes through the tuyere to form a rotating wind, which is softer.


1.Hot air rework station outlet and the surrounding may have extremely high temperatures, care should be taken to guard against burns.

2.The heating handle must be placed in the handle holder, must not be placed in the working table or elsewhere.

3.Please keep the outlet open, can not have obstruction.

4.After the work is completed, it must be placed in the handle grip heating rack, let the machine automatically cooled to below 70 (into standby) to turn off the power switch.

5.The use of the air and the object of the minimum distance is 2 mm to the outlet calculations.

6.According to the work requirement, first with a suitable wind Tsui, a different wind Tsui, the temperature may be slightly different.

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